We create Award-Winning, retro-inspired hatboxes. Thinking outside the Hat Box! Largest hatboxes custom made with one-of-a-kind designs, which have received wide recognition and acclaim.

You will see the love and passion in each one of the boxes created, all handmade here in Sonoma, California. They come with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity for Wedding and Custom. L’Artisane journey from the friends that work here come to life in designing fabric covered boxes— like canvas of art fabric being the paint, into a world of imagination, creating editions of design: causal scenes, whimsical, holiday themes, with local artist that are involved with their own paintings on Custom orders and sizes range from 3 inch to 25 inch Boxes.
All boxes Plain or Decorated with gorgeous fabric are simply stunning and made of high-quality materials, striking fabrics and patterns. We are the manufactures and can give you the best price and shipping available, period, and they are handmade with love.
We can design a hat box and fabric exclusive for your business, friend or just for you. We have been in the press, many magazines, radio, newspapers, and TV. We are eco-friendly and proud members of ‘Green America’ and use materials that are recycled and we do not use any toxins, we do not die our materials, and there is no lingering odor in them. We line all hat boxes as a finishing touch or with a metal engraved plate done here in our facility.
A portion of our proceeds are donated to charities and we are proud sponsors of these organizations.

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L’Artisane Box™…”We Think Outside the HatBox”