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Refashioning the wine box in a shape of a hat box, which is why, ‘we think outside the hatbox”. Fabric covered retro-inspired oval wine boxes for the serious wine connoisseur and other fine wine enthusiasts. These stunning handmade oval wine boxes are covered in high-quality materials and fabrics. You have the option to line the inside with your choice of fabrics such as rich velvet, satin or other types to suit your heart’s desire. They are ready to ship anywhere in the USA without the fear of breakage! They are quintessentially handsome and available in the following sizes:

13”x11”x6”H (for 500 ml size bottles of wine)
15”x13”x7”H (for 750 ml size bottles of wine/champagne – standard/most common)
17”x15”x8”H (for 1.5 L bottles of wine/champagne – Magnum)
19”x17”x9”H (for 2.25 L bottles of wine/champagne – Marie-Jean)
21”x19”x10”H (for 3 L bottles of wine/champagne -Jeroboam)

These beautiful, retro-styled oval wine boxes are truly a wine connoisseur’s best choice in showcasing that special vintage of wine with richness in body at a reasonable price. For a finishing touch, you have the option of enhancing your wine box with a personalized, engraved nameplate that is available in gold, silver, brass, and nickel colors. Silk screened logos and stamping are also available. Just select the right option that suits you. If you happen to represent a winery or specialty store, we can offer custom made wine boxes with an exclusive fabric color/style to showcase your products and style. Call us at 877-728-2487 and we can discuss what fabric will be perfect for you and/or your company.

Eco-Friendly and a standing member of ‘Green America,’ our oval wine boxes are made with recycled materials and adhesives that are non-toxic. These wine boxes will stand the test of time and age gracefully with your name on them as bottles get discarded. A portion of our proceeds are donated to charities and we are proud to say we hand make them here in California, “Made in the USA”.

Choose from the list of options below that will suit your needs in fashioning your own handmade oval wine box.

The Best Fabric Hatbox in California, we ship anywhere in the USA and soon to go internationally!
L’Artisane Box™…’We Think Outside the Hatbox”


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